Blend Oud - Original Collection Mayzon


Mazyon is the symbol of originality and creativity. A fragrance inspired by the artistic genius that is expressed through sculpture and painting, music or dance. In its soul, oddity is a sign of joy, inventiveness and ability to attract and to create beauty.Mazyon is a mysterious and sensual elixir built on three special accords that resonate with the sensual notes of Jasmine Sambac. Warmed up by enchanting Cashmeran, they finally anchor themselves to the base notes of amber and musk.Mazyon echoes the world of theater, the swirl of captivating and seductive aromas that surround the spectator who finds him/herself wrapped in magic, the time of a performance.The Classic CollectionThe eight fragrances composing the Original Collection embody the spirituality and the origins pertaining to the creation of a fragrance. BLEND OUD leads to an experience that was up to now exclusive to the Arab world: tasting and deeply understanding the true soul of a perfume through a thousand shades.In an ever more hectic world, wearing BLEND OUD means accessing the spirituality of Oud and gaining the greatest luxury: finding calmness and conquering time.

Top notes: Jasmine
Heart notes: Cashmeran, Eucalyptus
Base notes: Ambergris, White Musk



  • Eau De Parfum
  • Unisex
  • 75ml

Blend Oud The Natural Perfume - Mayzon